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The project "LIGHT OF PEACE" was created in deep memory of my cousin Fabian Sturm (R.I.P.), who sadly had to leave us much too early.


Photo: Oliver Fischer, Sunday, 10. Mai 2015, Copenhagen Freeport

O life life, whimsical time
reaching from contradiction to contradiction
in progress often so bad so hard so creeping
and then all at once, with unspeakably wide
relaxed wings, resembling an angel:
O most inexplicable, O lifetime.

Of all the great daring existences
can one be more ardent and daring?
We stand and brace ourselves to our limits
And tear an unknowable in it,

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Rest In Peace
Fabian Sturm

The Lord is my refuge, and you make the Most High your dwelling.
(Psalm 91)

When astronauts look at the Earth from space, they often feel a deep spiritual connection with it; this feeling strikes them as both terrifying and wonderful at the same time.
It is like an epiphany, all of a sudden they realize that the universe, the earth and all people are inseparably connected.
It is a moment of transformation, of catharsis — it is an irreversible change in their perception.


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